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Jail Slashing

Posted on 31st May 2011 at 07:59

The use of safety razors at the Cowlitz County Jail Annex is being restricted for the time being, after a second inmate slashing incident within a week. It’s reported that a man already being held on attempted murder charges attacked another inmate last Thursday, jumping on the man, holding him down and slashing at his throat with a homemade weapon. The Sheriff’s Office reports that Richard Donald Lloyd Janssen, 33, jumped on his cell mate, Brandon Johnson, 20, then started hacking at his neck. Janssen is under arrest on charges of attempted first-degree murder and third-degree assault, accused of using a sawed-off shotgun to shoot at Department of Corrections officers. Johnson was being held on a domestic violence malicious mischief charge. He was released on Friday, after that charge was dismissed. Jail staff report that Johnson’s wounds were not serious. Jail officials say that they’re now suspending the issuing of razors to inmates. They had been handed out twice a week, giving inmates an hour to shave before they’re collected once again. If a razor isn’t returned, then a lockdown and search is initiated. They say it’s unclear how Janssen got hold of a blade, or how long it was in his possession. Earlier in the week, Clark Malcolm Kemper, 36, came out of a cell and attacked Matthew Peterson, 22. Peterson was also not seriously injured. Kemper is being charged with first-degree assault in that attack.