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Juvenile Hearing

Posted on 22nd November 2017 at 08:47

Probable cause has been found to charge a 13 year-old Kelso boy with first-degree manslaughter, and we’re now starting to learn some of the details of the shooting on October 14th. Court documents show that the boy and his friend, Edgar Vasquez, 13, of Kelso, had been horsing around at the suspect’s home on Carroll Road. The suspect’s 12 year-old cousin reportedly told investigators that the boys had been “playful,” and she overheard her cousin tell Vasquez to stop chasing him. That’s when the 13 year-old apparently picked up the shotgun and then pointed it in the direction of Vasquez. The boy pulled the trigger and the gun went off, with the blast hitting Vasquez in the upper body. Prosecutors asked for bail of $60,000, while defense attorneys said that the boy has no criminal history, there’s no indication that he’s a danger to the community, and they say that there’s no indication of intent to harm anyone. Bail was eventually set at $30,000, and it’s reported that the boy is due back in court on December 8.