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Kalama River Burgs

Posted on 27th May 2011 at 08:59

Deputies say that they’ve identified a man who reportedly has been involved in burglaries of vacation homes up at the end of the Kalama River Road. Deputies were were first called to the far end of the road at about 10 pm, when a burglary was discovered at a summer house up near the 8100 line. It was also determined that a pickup had been stolen from the home. Later in the evening, that truck was seen near Kalama, and was involved in a high-speed chase that covered the back roads between Kalama and Woodland. The suspect was able to elude law enforcement, but the truck was eventually recovered. Authorities eventually found the suspect’s pickup, and impounded that vehicle. The suspect has been identified as a Kalama-area resident, but he hasn’t been located as of yet.