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KapStone Donation

Posted on 26th November 2013 at 17:10

A “safety challenge” at KapStone Kraft Paper of Longview is paying off for Community Home Health and Hospice, as the mill’s employees are donating $10,000 to the local care facility. Officials with KapStone say that the Longview employees regularly demonstrate their “courage to care,” offering reminders and tips on safe work habits. Senior mill leaders had issued the safety challenge, with a $10,000 charitable contribution on the line as an incentive. Mill Manager Paul Duncan says that this was the first time that they had added this kind of incentive, giving them the opportunity to accomplish two things at once. They were able to encourage safety in the work place, along with an opportunity to encourage community giving. Mike Barbee is a maintenance department planner, and was a safety co-chair in that department. Company officials say that he’s been active in fostering a safe work place for many years, and was “very impressed” by the employee participation. Barbee also says that he was encouraged by the decision to donate to Community Home Health and Hospice, saying that it was unanimous across all departments. CHHH CEO Greg Pang says that this is an “overwhelming” display from the employees at KapStone.