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Kayak Rescue

Posted on 24th June 2013 at 16:06

Fellow kayakers are getting credit for helping to rescue a 79 year-old Kelso man who had capsized in the Columbia River Friday afternoon. Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue reports that the incident took place around 3:30 Friday afternoon, near County Line Park. The victim was with another man, who was fishing from the bank. The 79 year-old lost his balance and flipped his kayak, and couldn’t get back in. It’s estimated that he spent about 20 minutes in the water before two other kayakers were able to get to the man and bring him back into shore. By the time emergency crews arrived on the scene, the man was out of the water, safe and sound. It’s also noted that he had been wearing a life vest, which helped him to survive the incident. The latest statistics show that in 84 percent of drowning deaths in the United States, the victim was NOT wearing a life vest.