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Kayser Declares

Posted on 28th August 2013 at 16:02

The campaign doesn’t come up for another three years, but PUD Commissioner Ned Piper already has a challenger for his seat, as Castle Rock farmer Mike Kayser announces his candidacy. Kayser says that he’s concerned about a lack of transparency at the PUD…kayser…While he hasn’t held public office, Kayser is active in local politics, and also served on the Electric Rates Advisory Committee. Kayser says that he has serious concerns about how the PUD is being managed, and by the actions of the Commission itself. He says that we need an “open and transparent” Cowlitz PUD, and that we’re not getting that right now. This would be Kayser’s third run at local elected office, having lost a run for the state Legislature ten years ago, followed by a losing run for Port Commissioner six years ago.