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Kelso Council

Posted on 21st August 2013 at 15:48

Kelso’s six-month moratorium on marijuana-related activities and businesses is now in place, enacted with the hope that city officials will get some clarity on state rules regarding marijuana possession, sales and distribution. At last night’s public hearing on the moratorium, Kelso City Attorney Janean Parker says that the plan is for the smoke to clear, but she’s not so sure that it will…moratorium…Last night’s action imposes a six-month moratorium on the establishment, location, operation, licensing, maintenance or continuation of marijuana-related uses, including collective gardens, marijuana producers, processors and retailers. It’s hoped that this six months will give city staff adequate time to develop a work plan to research and study appropriate regulations for marijuana-related establishments, along with proper regulations. In other action at last night’s meeting, the Council voted to accept an Action Grant Agreement and a cleanup contract for the Terry’s Salvage Yard property on North Pacific Avenue. They also agreed to enter into an agreement with Habitat Bank LLC, signing a “Wetlands Mitigation Lease” for land off of the Coweeman River and Aldercrest.