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Kelso Street Work

Posted on 30th September 2013 at 16:06

A couple of projects scheduled to start today in Kelso could cause you some driving issues. Anderson Environmental Contracting of Kelso is scheduled to start the soil remediation project at the old Terry’s Auto Salvage Yard property. This work is scheduled to be done during daylight hours, and should run through the 18th of next month. This project will involve the removal of contaminated soil, along with replacement with clean soil, re-seeding and replacement of the existing fence. There could be some traffic disruptions on North Pacific Avenue and on Redpath Street. Detours will be posted, and efforts will be made to maintain access for local residents.

Also starting today, Brookhart Excavation of Longview is scheduled to start on a waterline replacement project along the downhill segment of Sunrise Street, the dead-end stub coming off of Minor Road and 13th Street. Inspection, marking and other prep work has already begun, and now the main portion of the project is set to get under way. Detours may be posted at time, and there will also be specific dates when streets will need to be cleared. Door knob hangers and street signs will be posted prior to those closures, so local residents have time to get their vehicles off of the street. Call Kelso Community Development at 423-6590 if you have questions about either of these projects.