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KHS Dress Code Battle

Posted on 15th September 2017 at 09:05

Kelso High School students reportedly plan to “protest” the school’s dress code today, after a number of girls say that they have been singled out for their clothing. Social media has been abuzz for several days, with several families complaining that their daughters have been singled out at the school for supposed dress code violations. Complaints and pictures are being posted, saying that these girls are NOT violating the dress code, and are being unfairly disciplined. Portland TV has also picked up the story, reporting that students are planning to protest today by wearing T-shirts saying “I am not a distraction.” After-school protests are also being planned. Kelso High Principal John Gummel sent a note to parents and guardians yesterday, saying that they are aware of the protests; he says that some staff members are being “demonized” as they uphold the dress code standards at the school, and that those staff members are doing the jobs that they were entrusted to do. He’s asking the parents to talk with their children, and urge them NOT to violate the dress code today. He’s also asking everyone to wear the T-shirts that were recently handed out to all students by the ASB, showing that “We Are Kelso, WE Are One.” He’s asking all students to show their support for KHS by wearing these new shirts. Gummel says that there’s a process for examining and changing the dress code, and he hopes that parents will follow up. Otherwise, he says that the current standards will be upheld.