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Kids Placed

Posted on 31st October 2011 at 08:33

Two children were taken into protective custody yesterday afternoon, as Longview Police responded to reports that a toddler was repeatedly escaping from a home, and the adults inside were in possession of drugs. Officers were first called to the 300 block of 21st at about 2:30 pm, when a woman reported that an 18 month-old boy was running around in the street, wearing only a T-shirt and a diaper. They found out where the child lived and returned him to that house, but less than 20 minutes later, it was reported that the boy was out again. When police questioned the man inside the house, Steven George Foster, 46, said that the boy had recently figured out how to open windows, and was then crawling out of them. As Officers checked further, they claim to have found illegal drugs on Foster, and on Nicole Renee Williams, 19. Both were arrested and booked for possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Child Protective Services responded to the scene, placing the children with other family members.