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KPD Awards

Posted on 17th July 2013 at 16:00

Four Kelso Police Officers are being honored for their outstanding performance during an officer-involved shooting incident that took place on March 2nd in West Kelso. Officer Ralph Hines was presented with a Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart, while Sergeant Khembar Yund, Officer Mark Berglund and Officer Bebe McFall were recognized for Exemplary Performance. Mayor David Futcher says that the awards simply reinforce the excellence of the Kelso Police Department…kpdawards…Jesse McMillan, 27, was killed in the shootout on March 2nd, hit by return fire put down by Hines and Deputy Danny O’Neill. One of the rounds fired by McMillan hit Hines in the leg, and he still carries a portion of that bullet. Police Chief Andy Hamilton says that Hines is only the second Kelso Police Officer wounded by gunfire in the history of the department. Back in March of 1948, Patrolman Patrick Konen was fatally wounded by a domestic violence suspect. Despite his wounds, Konen was able to hold the suspect until additional units arrived on the scene.