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Lagoon Contract

Posted on 29th April 2011 at 08:19

The City of Longview is moving ahead on a contract with Longview-based Gibbs and Olson for development of a closure plan for the West Longview Sewage Lagoons. City Manager Bob Gregory says that the plan will deal with how that closure will be conducted, along with the disposal of the accumulated solid material. The cost of the contract is put at $45,285, along with another $10,000 for lab costs that will be billed directly to the city. This initial phase of the contract will include preliminary testing of the biosolids to compare against federal regulatory standards, checking the depth and area to determine the quantity of material, analysis of various disposal methods and recommendation of a preferred disposal method. Once the West Longview Sewer Diversion project is completed this summer, the city has two years to prepare and obtain approval of a closure plan for the lagoons.