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Lake Grenade

Posted on 31st October 2017 at 09:15

The discovery of a corroded grenade at Lake Sacajawea generated some “fake news” on local social media over the weekend. A man who was “magnet fishing” near the 20th Avenue Bridge last Saturday afternoon, and just after 1 pm, he pulled up what he determined to be an actual hand grenade. Longview Police responded to the scene, cordoned the area off, and then called the Portland Police Bomb Squad. There was some speculation on the “local news” Facebook pages that a body had been found, a rumor that spread quickly. A Portland TV station even made an inquiry on the story. The PPD Bomb Squad arrived and safely secured the grenade, which is being taken to a safe place for destruction. Following the incident, Longview Police issued a statement, saying that people need to “avoid spreading information that hasn’t been verified by our department.” Community Service Officer Cindy Lopez Werth says that this type of false information can impede the work that officers are trying to do.