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Landfill Permit

Posted on 30th October 2013 at 15:38

The Department of Ecology is announcing that the first of several permits needed for Cowlitz County’s operation of the Headquarter Road Landfill has been issued, on a conditional basis. Earlier this week, legal notices were published, announcing that a temporary Wastewater Discharge permit has been issued, contingent upon the county completing the acquisition of the landfill. DOE says that the landfill discharges approximately 432,000 gallons of wastewater per day, which is currently transported to the Weyerhaeuser Longview pulp and paper mill for treatment. Cowlitz County is planning to construct a ten-mile pipeline from the facility to the county wastewater treatment facility, at an estimated cost of ten million dollars. Still needed is the operating permit itself, along with an air emissions permit from the Southwest Washington Clean Air Authority. Chris Bischoff with Cowlitz County Environmental Health says that they are still working through the process, but he anticipates having an announcement by the end of this week. He also says that the discussions with the Clean Air Authority are also continuing. Cowlitz County has to have this issue resolved by the end of November, or they will have to start long-hauling the county’s trash to eastern Washington at a cost of $170,000 per month.