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Leachate Line

Posted on 30th April 2014 at 15:43

After coming in with a bid that was considerably lower than the engineer’s estimate for the project, Rotschy, Incorporated of Vancouver will be constructing the 14-mile leachate pipeline from the Headquarters Landfill to the Three Rivers Waste Water Treatment Plant. County Commissioner Jim Misner says that this pipeline is a major component of the conversion of the landfill from industrial to municipal disposal, with improved health and safety measures…leachate…The Cowlitz County Headquarters Landfill Leachate Transmission System Project will involve the construction of 7,000 feet of 8-inch pipeline from the landfill to the water treatment plant, using open-trench and horizontal-drilling techniques. Rotschy’s bid of $7.9 million is about $2 million below the engineer’s estimate. A construction schedule will be settled as the contract is finalized.