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Lewis River Drownings

Posted on 2nd July 2014 at 16:09

The first really hot day of the year had emergency responders hopping, as they dealt with two drownings on the Lewis River east of Woodland, along with other incidents. It’s reported that a man drowned yesterday after he jumped into the river at Moulton Falls Park near Yacolt. This incident took place around 4:15 yesterday afternoon, when a 45 year-old man jumped into the East Fork of the Lewis River. Companions say that he didn’t re-surface, caught in the swift current. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene, and recovered the body from about ten feet of water. The body was turned over to the Clark County Medical Examiner; his name has not been released.

Around 4:45 pm, 911 calls came in about a body in the water next to the Lewis River Golf Course. Cowlitz County assisted Clark County in the recovery of this person, also recovered in about ten feet of water. They say that this was also a male victim, and it’s noted that he was not wearing a life jacket. An empty boat was also found on the river, snagged in some debris upstream from where the body was recovered. Authorities say that they have been able to connect the victim with that boat. Again, the victim’s name has not yet been released, as investigations continue into both incidents.