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Lichatowich Pulls Out

Posted on 12th July 2018 at 09:48

Saying that the personal attacks are simply too much, Paulette Lichatowich is withdrawing from the race for Columbia County Commission, just a few days after she resigned her seat on the Port of St. Helens Commission. Lichatowich announced her withdrawal on Tuesday, emailing a press release to local media. In the release, Lichatowich says that the process of defending herself against “false claims” has put too great of a strain on her family. Lichatowich is resigning her seat on the Port Commission, she’s withdrawing from the County Commission race, and she says that she will no longer run for office in Columbia County. These moves come after Scappoose business owner Brady Preheim filed an ethics complaint against Lichatowich, claiming that she was enriching herself while on the Port Commission. Earlier this month, the Ethics Commission dismissed the claims, which was then followed by Lichatowich’s announcements.