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LID Rejected

Posted on 13th July 2018 at 09:42

A proposal to create a Local Improvement District to help pay for the extension of Beech Street between Oregon Way and California Way is on hold, after the Longview City Council declines to take action on the issue. The Council is sending the issue back to city staff for additional review and a possible realignment of LID boundaries, after several property owners and residents raised concerns about the assessments in relation to the benefit they would receive. City Council member Chet Makinster says that this area has real potential. A public hearing was held last night on the people LID, after a petition from 73 percent of property owners was presented. Several of the property owners in the area are in support of the LID, looking at the extension of Beech Street as the catalyst that will open that area for development. At last night’s hearing, other property owners say that they’re extremely concerned, saying that they would be assessed for benefits that they wouldn’t get, while others would get huge benefits for smaller assessments. After the failure of the motion to form the LID, the Council did direct staff to review the proposal another time, to make sure that the boundaries are properly drawn, and to make sure that the assessments are equitable. The council is asking for an update within 30 days.