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Limb Failure

Posted on 15th April 2014 at 15:51

The City of Longview Parks Department is once again taking a close look at the large elm trees lining the streets near Lake Sacajawea, after another large limb fell down over the weekend, not far from where an SUV was crushed earlier this year. Parks workers were called into to cut up and remove the limb on Sunday, which happened in close proximity to where a large limb fell and crushed Nate Nielsen’s SUV, while he and his infant daughter were driving near the lake. Nielsen tells the Daily News that the sight makes him extremely nervous, after narrowly escaping injury in February. Parks Supervisor Curt Nedved tells the paper that they checked the branch that fell over the weekend, and found that it was “brittle,” but didn’t appear to be diseased. Nedved says that they are continuing to monitor these trees, and if any are found to have problems, they will be removed.