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LO Closes

Posted on 31st March 2017 at 08:38

They closed the doors at Love Overhwhelming yesterday morning, handing out tents, food and other supplies to clients as they were discharged from the facility. The building at 304 Cowlitz Way in Kelso was cleared out as Cowlitz County takes over ownership. While the shelter may have been closed, it’s reported that several of the former clients were back in the parking lot of the facility later in the day, pitching tents and camping in the parking lot under provisions of a recently-adjusted city ordinance. They say that about 45 people were displaced as the shelter closed yesterday, and many of those people say that they’re not sure what the future will hold. The operators of Love Overwhelming are also unsure about the future, as they await rulings from the City of Longview on a 14th Avenue property that the organization is now renting. At this time, the zoning of that area prevents its use as a shelter, or even as offices for the organization. Chuck Hendrickson tells the Daily News that they will try to keep former residents connected to counseling and other social services.