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Log Case–

Posted on 29th April 2010 at 07:28

A man who’s accused of of illegally removing submerged logs from a site near Willow Grove is asking to have his case dismissed, claiming that the state doesn’t have jurisdiction over the material involved. The Daily News reports on the latest filing from Ross Ronald Bennett, 59, of Deer Island, who was involved in the salvage of submerged logs in the Columbia near Willow Grove between December of 2006 and April of 2007. That spring, the Department of Natural Resources filed a report charging Bennett with first-degree theft, claiming that he’d stolen more than $51,000 in timber. Bennett was working for a company owned by the Siletz Indian Tribe, and is also accused of falsely telling the tribe that he’d received the proper permits for removing those logs. In the latest court filings, Bennett’s attorney contends that the state can’t prove that Bennett actually removed any logs, nor can they prove that he was paid for them. The attorney also says that he wasn’t actually required to obtain permits, claiming that the law covers submerged trees, not previously harvested logs, which is what was involved here. Bennett’s case is currently scheduled to go to trial on Thursday, May 13th.