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Longshore Hearing

Posted on 30th November 2011 at 08:47

Dozens of local Longshore Union workers are planning to be at the Hall of Justice this afternoon, asking that trespassing charges connected to a September 7th demonstration outside of the EGT grain terminal be dismissed. The hearing is currently set for 1 pm today in front of District Court Judge Ron Marshall. ILWU International President Robert McEllrath is among those leading the effort to get the charges dismissed, claiming that the workers were merely exercising their First Amendment rights. The union claims that the area where the workers were arrested had not been declared “off limits” by the Port of Longview. The union also contends that union supporters arrested while demonstrating on September 21st were on property that was “allegedly” leased to EGT, but was unmarked and not fenced. In a statement issued yesterday, McEllrath says that Longshore workers are trying to protect the rights of all working people by standing up to multinational corporations like EGT. He says that they hope that Judge Marshall remains neutral, and will intervene to protect the rights of citizens, not just the rights of corporate entities.