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Longview Budget

Posted on 29th May 2015 at 09:07

After years of belt-tightening and personnel cuts, City of Longview officials say that the city has adequate reserves to be able to fully cover its obligations and full provide services through 2018. Finance Director and Assistant City Manager Curt Sacha provided the first-quarter Financial Review, and he says things are leveling off after strong revenue years in 2013 and 2014. Sacha says that 2015 revenues are right on budget, while expenditures are almost $1 million under budget. This puts the city in “Stage 2,” where expenditures still exceed revenues, but ending fund balances exceed 12 percent. Looking ahead, Sacha says that the city will be able to be “status quo” through 2018, where all core services and programs are maintained through existing revenues and the use of reserves.