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Longview Council

Posted on 26th August 2011 at 08:05

Longview Public Works Director Jeff Cameron says that they’re learning more about natural water flows into Lake Sacajawea, and they’re urging the continuation of the drawdown study at the lake to get a full picture on how those flows could be managed for the lake’s water supply. Cameron updated the City Council last night, saying that the second drawdown of the lake in July helped to eliminate a large algae bloom that had come up in June. He also says that they’ve learned that the lake is “stratified” temperature-wise, and they think that is leading to the release of phosphorus, which then feeds the algae. Cameron says that they think additional aeration as certain spots could help to break up that stratification, and that as the fall rains begin, additional natural flushing will occur. Public Works is asking for the continuing study of the drawdowns through July of next year, which will then give the city time to decide on a final alternative before the supply from the old Water Treatment plant is shut off in May of 2013. In other action last night, the Council is holding off on recommended changes in parking times near Saint John Medical Center, and in the downtown core. Sarah Cave with PeaceHealth says that imposing two-hour limits along Kessler and Douglas would cause additional problems, also noting that the hospital is expanding its nearby parking facilities. A recommendation to change downtown parking times also failed, with the Council directing city staff to “tweak” those recommendations. That will come back to the Council in September.