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Longview Council Workshop

Posted on 21st April 2017 at 08:35

City of Longview officials report that the recent school zone safety measures that have been installed around the city are getting positive reactions, and they say that additional requests for upgrades are coming in. Mayor Don Jensen says that this has been extremely positive for the city and the schools, but they’re going to sit back and do some studying before more improvements are made. Early last year, the city helped to pay for and install school zone signage at eight schools around the city, putting up signs with flashing beacons and speed reminders. They also installed a traffic signal on 15th Avenue next to Mark Morris, replacing flashing overhead lights that had been at that crosswalk. Jensen says that the 15th Avenue light has been a huge success; city officials say that the light has helped with school bus access and reliability, has helped to reduce traffic congestion, and they say that students are complying with the pedestrian signal. They say that the elderly and others using River Cities Transit appreciate having the light, and there have been no adverse traffic impacts on 15th, coming in or out of the Triangle Shopping Center. They say that all the recommended improvements from a traffic study have been completed, and they now want to “wait and see” before committing to responding to other requests for upgrades around the city.