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Longview Crime Jump

Posted on 25th April 2014 at 16:22

The number of major crimes edged up in Longview in 2013, jumping up some five percent over 2012. Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha made the annual report at last night’s Longview City Council meeting, and while the numbers might be going in the wrong direction, he says that it’s not as bad as some other spots in the state…2013lvcrime…Burglaries are up nine percent from 2012, aggravated assaults increased 14 percent, domestic violence was up 5 percent, and the number of forcible sexual assaults was also up 5 percent. There were also reductions, some of them quite dramatic. There were no homicides in the city last year, the number of arsons was down 59 percent, juvenile arrests were reduced by 46 percent, robberies were down 15 percent, DUI’s went down 11 percent, and vandalism went down 3 percent. This is all while the number of calls for service went up 7.5 percent. Duscha says that’s the number that is most alarming, as the total call load is up by 29 percent since 2009. Duscha says that steps need to be taken to increase staffing.