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Longview Water Update

Posted on 29th August 2014 at 09:06

As complaints about Longview’s water continue to come in, city staff says that Longview’s water quality is continuing to improve, and actually rivals or exceeds expensive bottled water in some aspects. At last night’s Longview City Council meeting, Project Manager Amy Blain says that independent examination of a year’s worth of data shows that the city’s water is perfectly safe. Blain says that their continuing study still does show some specific problems in certain locations in the city. Changes in the city’s hydraulic delivery system is leading to a high “water age” in some spots, and the longer that the water sits in these older pipes is when the problems start. Testing also shows that increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen helps to prevent problems, and there is a suggestion that the city begin to inject additional dissolved oxygen into the water. Another recommendation from Blain is to continue with water main replacement, saying that when mains have been replaced in problem areas, the problems “go away.” Replacement of water mains in alleys along 15th Avenue off of Oregon Way are in design, and other water main replacements are suggested. The issue of “white-spotting” caused by silica in the water is still a vexing issue, but does not pose any sort of health hazard. The city is planning some additional outreach to inform water users about dealing with the silica, to prevent damage to glassware, silverware and appliances. The City Council also says that they plan to move ahead with the $217,000 study about the city’s water source issues; Mayor Don Jensen says that “they made a mistake” by moving away from the Fishers Lane plant, and they need some solid information about the costs connected to moving back to the Cowlitz River as a water source.