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Loose Horse

Posted on 30th November 2017 at 08:01

Train traffic through Kelso was slowed for about 20 minutes last night, as Kelso Police and the Humane Society worked to corral a horse that got loose, and was wandering near the tracks. A few minutes before 11 last night, calls about a “loose horse” were reported in the area of Walnut and South 7th Avenue. Kelso Police say that the horse meandered through the neighborhood, making its way through a field, eventually making its way to South Pacific Avenue. The animal continued in a southerly direction near the tracks, ending up near a home in the 200 block of Milwaukee Place. They were able to catch the horse in that location; they were also able to identify the owner and return the horse to that location. KPD reports that the Humane Society will continue to follow up on the incident.