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Lurkers Reported

Posted on 9th May 2013 at 16:07

Woodland Police are out with an alert, reporting that two men in a van apparently tried to pick up one or more kids on their way to school. The first report came in between 7 and 8 am, in the area of Gun Club Road. Several kids were walking to school when a large black SUV-type vehicle drove up, with two men inside. They reportedly asked the children if they wanted a ride to school. School officials also say that one of the men may have tried to grab one of the kids. As they talked with the kids, it was learned that this SUV has been in the area for several days, and that these men have approached kids on multiple occasions. A letter alerting parents has now been sent home. Woodland Police say that they’re looking for a large black or dark-colored SUV, possibly lowered, and possibly with dark wheels and windows. There may be a white sticker on the rear of the vehicle. The men inside are described only as two white males. Kids are reporting that they’ve seen the SUV in the 300 block of Gun Club Road, parked at or near the Assembly of God Church. Local residents are being advised to keep their eyes open for this rig, and to call Woodland Police immediately if they see such a vehicle.