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Luyster Trial

Posted on 14th November 2017 at 09:02

The 13 year-old son of Brent Ward Luyster, 37, of Longview continues to refuse to testify at his father’s murder trial in Vancouver. The Columbian reports on yesterday’s proceedings in Clark County Superior Court, saying that Brent Luyster, Junior, leapt out of the chair on the witness stand, screaming and cursing at the judge before being escorted from the courtroom in tears. Authorities say that the boy was an eyewitness to the shootings that took place in July of last year, and they would like to hear his version of events. Prosecutors say that they don’t want to hold the boy in detention any longer, agreeing that it would not be good for his mental or physical health. Luyster Junior continues to be held in custody, serving time for an unrelated incident. Clark County Superior Court Judge Robert Lewis lifted the contempt of court order on Luyster Junior, and he instructed both sides in the case that the boy’s refusal to testify of lack of testimony cannot be used by either attorney. The prosecution rested its case late yesterday; defense testimony is expected to begin today.