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Mahoney Hired

Posted on 17th June 2014 at 15:49

Former Cowlitz County Sheriff Bill Mahoney is getting back in the saddle, at least on a temporary, part-time basis, as he is hired to serve as the interim Police Chief for the City of Woodland. The Daily News reports on last night’s Woodland City Council meeting, where they approved a recommendation from Mayor Grover Laseke. Mahoney replaces Brad Gillespie, who is being targeted in a tort claim filed by Woodland Police Detective David Plaza. He’s alleging that Gillespie has been involved in several instance of misconduct, including improper searches, sexual harassment of young women, and racial slurs. Plaza is reportedly seeking more than $2 million in compensation. Gillespie will return to his post as a Sergeant on the force, while Mahoney will work a maximum of three days per week, with an agreement that he will step away on or before November 30th. His salary is also capped at $2.300 per month. Mahoney has a long career in law enforcement, concluding it with ten years as the Cowlitz County Sheriff, before his retirement in 2009.