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Maltese Incident

Posted on 6th May 2013 at 15:49

Kelso Police are still working to find Michael Andrew Hale, 30, after a Saturday night incident at the Maltese Tavern in Kelso, where he allegedly pulled a knife and used it to threaten other patrons and staff. It’s alleged that Hale showed up at the bar shortly after 7 pm on Saturday, and almost immediately got into a dispute with other customers, starting outside the building. Those on the scene claim that Hale yelled at and spit on several people, slashed the tires a car, then put the knife to a man’s face, and threatened to cut his tongue out. He then went into the bar, where the tirade continued. Halle allegedly threatened to cut someone else’s tongue out. The bartender says Hale knocked a beer across the room, and then he left, slashing two more tires before he left. It’s reported that the entire dispute took just a couple of minutes. The bartender called 911 as Hale left on foot; officers searched the area, without success. He’s now wanted on multiple counts of assault, malicious mischief and felony harassment; call 911 immediately if you know where he might be.