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Marijuana Moratorium

Posted on 13th September 2013 at 16:11

A last night’s public hearing on the six-month moratorium regarding outlets for recreational marijuana, the Longview City Council learned that there is at least one person in town who plans to pursue a “producer-processor” license inside the city limits. Wendy Griffiths says that she “wants to put a face” on the issue, and is asking the Council to adopt a moratorium similar to Vancouver’s, which is allowing producer-processors to move ahead, while retail issues are ironed out…potrules…Community Development Director John Brickey says that a full six months will be needed to complete the legal review and Planning Commission process, so the Council eventually opted to leave the moratorium in place. They also approved a “work plan” in regard to recreational marijuana regulation in the city, with a resolution planned for adoption at the September 26th Council meeting. It’s also planned that an interim report and anticipated timeline for completion will be presented to the City Council on or before December 8th of this year.