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McCaslin Appears

Posted on 25th February 2014 at 17:07

Nichole D. McCaslin, 32, reportedly admitted to “drinking two beers” before being involved in Friday’s fatal multi-car collision on Tennant Way in Longview. Today’s Daily News reports on McCaslin’s first court appearance yesterday on charges of vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Bail was set at 75 thousand dollars, and she was released from jail after posting that bond. Other terms of her release include an extradition waiver, an order to avoid drinking alcohol and to avoid driving a car. According to papers filed yesterday, McCaslin was at the wheel of a Jeep Cherokee that was going the wrong way in the westbound lanes of Tennant Way when she collided with several other vehicles. Brett Dawdy, 47, of Longview died in one of those collisions, while his wife and daughter were seriously injured. McCaslin reportedly said that she had two beers at a downtown restaurant before getting behind the wheel. Authorities say that McCaslin had “bloodshot, droopy and watery eyes,” and “spoke in a slurred and lethargic manner.” She also pointed out that she is married to an attorney. McCaslin says that she needs to take care of her small children; the date of her formal arraignment wasn’t disclosed.