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Meter Contract

Posted on 14th September 2018 at 09:13

The City of Longview is switching meter-reading companies, saying that the company that has been doing that work since 1994 has now come up short. Longview City Manager Kurt Sacha says that Far West Energy Management has fallen short of its contract requirements in recent months, so they’re going back to the company that did the reading duties before. After working with Metereader, Inc. since 1986, the city signed a new contract for meter-reading services with Farwest Energy Management of Longview in 1994. At the start of this year, Farwest started falling behind in their duties, and was unable to get all of the meters read by due dates. In June of this year, Farwest fell so far behind in its duties, the city took water meter-reading back over. Sacha says that’s not a good use of city staff, so they would like to get another contract in place. At last night’s meeting, a new contract with Metereaders, Inc. was approved, though it will cost the city a bit more. Farwest was charging 82 cents per meter read; the new contract with Metereaders will cost the city 87 cents per meter read, along with a startup cost of about $11,800 . The annual compensation is put at about $80,000. All of these fees and charges will be paid through the Water Operations Fund. The City of Kelso and the Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District also employ Metereaders, Inc. for water meter-reading services.