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Meth Sentence

Posted on 31st December 2010 at 08:39

Michael Waddington, 24, of Silver Lake is heading to Federal prison for ten years, sentenced yesterday in U. S. District Court in Tacoma on charges of conspiracy to deliver meth and being armed with a firearm in connection with a drug crime. The U. S. Attorney’s Office describes Waddington as the “enforcer” for a local drug ring, a group that had been distributing a highly pure form of meth called “ice.” Waddington and his accomplices had come to the attention of local and federal law enforcement back in 2009, and was arrested in June of this year. At the time of his arrest, Waddington was in possession of meth, a silver club and “metal knuckles.” He entered a guilty plea on October 8th, and was sentenced yesterday. In addition to the prison term, Waddington will face four years of supervised release. Waddington’s cohorts in crime, Anthony Reisbeck, Erica Lewis and Randy Chalupa, will be sentenced early next year.