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Milian 911 Call

Posted on 18th August 2014 at 08:23

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office is now clarifying some points in regard to last week’s shooting incident at a home on Niemi Road, while also releasing the 911 call that was made by Chante Milian’s daughter. You can clearly hear the panic in the ten year-old girl’s voice as she tries to get help for her wounded mother. The entire 22-minute tape is available on Initial reports from the Sheriff’s had said that the 911 caller was a boy, and they now say that it was a daughter that made the call for help. It was also first reported that Chante Milian, 27, had been shot in the stomach, and it’s now being disclosed that she had been shot in the back. Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig says that Milian is still at the hospital, recovering from what he says is a “non-threatening-wound.” He also has praise for the daughter, saying that she did an excellent job of staying calm and providing information in a very traumatic situation. He also says that this shows the importance of teaching your child how to properly call 911 in an emergency, and to be able to relay key information to emergency responders. The girl and her siblings are still with other family members as their mother continues her recovery. There’s still been no word as to why Miguel Angel Milian, 30, shot his estranged wife, and then took his own life.