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MiningSky Complaint

Posted on 16th April 2018 at 09:01

Claiming that they’re being “stonewalled” by the Cowlitz PUD, the Chief Operating Officer of MiningSky, Incorporated, is putting down a deadline of May 1st for an agreement on electricity supplies, or his company is pulling out. The Daily News reports on the complaints from COO Eric Lundgren, who claims that the PUD is holding things up. Cowlitz PUD General Manager Steve Kern disputes Lundgren’s claims, saying that they are working as fast as they can; he also claims that MiningSky hasn’t been completely forthcoming on the amount of electricity that they are actually going to need. Back in February, MiningSky announced plans to lease Longview’s old water treatment plant on Fishers Lane, installing supercomputers that would then “mine” for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s reported that MiningSky would need between three and six megawatts of electricity for the operations, amounts that would put the facility into the top ten of electricity users in the county; if six megawatts is needed, they would be in the top five. Lundrgren is threatening to pull out and put their resources into another facility in Port Angeles if an agreement isn’t in place by May 1. Kern says that they are moving as quickly as possible, so that Lundgren and his company can make their decision.