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Missing Climber

Posted on 28th September 2010 at 08:10

Work continues to try and find a mountain climber who’s missing on Mount Larabee in Whatcom County, a man with ties to the Longview area. Authorities in Whatcom County say that Dallas Kloke, 71, has been missing since Saturday, when he fell while traversing the Pleiades Peaks, as a member of a five-person team. Kloke is a well-known mountain climber, who has been climbing in the North Cascades for 50 years. He’s also the father of Mark Morris High School social studies teacher and assistant basketball coach Steve Kloke. They say that Kloke fell at about 1:30 pm Saturday; at the top of one peak, a rock sheared off as he grabbed it, then he fell at least 300 feet down a vertical face. The other members of the climbing team lost sight of Kloke; they were able to climb down and found some of his gear, but didn’t find him on Saturday. A search continued through the weekend and yesterday, and it’s now being reported that a helicopter crew may have photographed an area where it’s speculated that Kloke may have fallen. They say that it looks like he did not survive the fall. Ground crews are attempting to get into that area this morning.