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Missing Woman Update

Posted on 8th May 2013 at 15:52

A possible lead in the April, 2010 disappearance of a then 18 year-old woman with ties to Cowlitz County has apparently fizzled out for the time being. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office says that it has cleared a lead involving “Model Mayhem,” an on-line modeling service in the disappearance of Kayla Croft of Chehalis. She hasn’t been heard from since late April of 2010, when she left a location in Cowlitz County. As the investigation continues, family and friends of Croft said that she may have been on her way to a photo shoot when she disappeared. On March 13th of this year, Lewis County Detectives obtained a search warrant to request Croft’s information from Model Mayhem. Over several weeks, they worked with the company that houses the Model Mayhem website, but no account for Croft was found. Working out from there, they checked all accounts for western Washington, looking for information that might be related to Croft. None was found. As Detectives relayed that information to family, it was discovered that Croft was actually connected to another on-line modeling website; they now plan to follow up on that website in a similar manner. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to pursue all leads in the disappearance of Kayla Croft; if you have information on the case, call them at 360-740-1300, or call Lewis County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-748-6422.