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Moratorium Extended

Posted on 24th January 2014 at 16:56

The Longview City Council is extending the city’s moratorium on marijuana-related businesses for another 90 days, but it may not last that long, depending on what the City Council does next month. City Attorney Jim McNamara says that they needed to extend the moratorium because the current one expires at the end of the month, and their proposed zoning ordinance isn’t quite ready…potmoratorium…McNamara had recommended extending the moratorium for another six months, but the Council decided to go with 90 days, since city staff plans to bring the zoning ordinance to them for action at the meeting on February 13th. Once action is taken on that, then the moratorium would end. Greg Griffiths with Vancouver-based Urban Farms of Washington is urging the Council to act with some urgency, saying that he’s already invested more than 100 thousand dollars in the local community, poised to bring another job-creating business to the Longview area. Griffiths says that Longview is already “late to the game” in a new industry where getting to the market early is a key to success.