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More Budget Woes

Posted on 29th March 2011 at 08:07

The Longview School Board is looking ahead at the 2011-2012 budget development process, and at this point, the picture is once again extremely bleak. After cutting nearly $6 million from the budget over the past two school years, the district is currently looking at a shortfall of nearly $1.6 million for the next school year. Superintendent Suzanne Cusick says that they won’t have full details until the Legislature sets the state budget. she also says that they’ll work to keep the negative impacts away from the classrooms. In documents handed out last night, district officials say that they’re currently projecting a revenue reduction of about $1.6 million, along with an expense increase of about $1 million. Some of the separation is offset by a shift in special education and Title 1 dollars, so the current projected “financial challenge” totals just less than $1.6 million. Finance Director Larry Mayfield says that they should know more as the Legislature wraps up its work, and they should have some specific suggestions for reductions in next year’s budget in the next few weeks. Longview School District Budget (audio file).