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More Poachers

Posted on 6th December 2017 at 08:41

As several defendants get ready to go to trial on dozens of poaching and illegal hunting charges, investigators reportedly have identified additional suspects in that huge poaching ring that was recently busted. The Centralia Chronicle reports on the arrests of two men from Woodland, who are also being charged in connection with this ring. They report that Aaron Hendricks and his father-in-law, David McLeskey, were both in Lewis County Superior Court yesterday, where they entered not guilty pleas on charges of first-degree animal cruelty, unlawful hunting of at least four different big game species using dogs, and second-degree unlawful hunting of wild animals. It’s claimed that videos were seized after a search warrant was served at the home of Hendricks back in March, supposedly showing both men being involved in multiple illegal hunts, along with other suspects that have already been arrested. Hendricks and McLeskey both posted bail of five thousand dollars after entering their pleas, and they are due back in court on February 8th.