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More Poaching Charges

Posted on 17th May 2018 at 06:37

The scope of the Cowlitz County-based poaching ring that is now being investigated and prosecuted in Washington and Oregon continues to expand, as dozens of new charges are now being filed in Eastern Oregon. It’s now being reported that the Wasco County District Attorney’s Office is charging 11 people with dozens of misdemeanor wildlife crimes. They say that this case started in November of 2016, after Oregon State Police Game Officers set up cameras near The Dalles, Those cameras eventually caught images of people shining spotlights into the woods, then getting out of their truck with rifles and head lamps. Game Wardens later found a headless deer near the camera site. Several days later, the Wardens spotted and stopped the truck that had been seen; they seized several cell phones, which reportedly contained photos and videos that led to more than 20 “kill sites” in Washington and Oregon.

William Jared Haynes, 21, of Woodland face 45 new counts, while Erik Christian Martin, 32, has 42 new charges. Joseph Allen Dills, 31, of Kelso has 12 counts, Aaron Brian Hendricks, 35, has four new counts Kimberly Kathryn Crape, 20, and a 17 year-old each have two counts, while Aubri Nicole McKenna, 36, and Aaron Colby Hanson, 38, have one count filed against them. Authorities emphasize that this investigation is continuing, and additional charges could be filed.