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Morning Chase

Posted on 18th May 2017 at 09:04

Multiple police agencies were involved a pursuit that started in South Kelso, and then wound its way through Longview before heading back through towns this morning. The chase started at about 5:35 am, when Kelso Police tried to make a traffic stop on South Pacific Avenue. The driver sped up instead, exceeding 70 miles an hour while swerving into traffic and running red lights. The chase went through the Kelso industrial area, onto Tennant Way and into Longview. They say that the driver took dangerous evasive maneuvers as he headed to 38th Avenue, then cut back to Prudential Boulevard and Washington Way. The suspect came back to Ocean Beach Highway, heading back into Kelso, going around the Minor Road loop to get back to Allen Street. The pursuit continued back across the Allen Street Bridge, turning onto Washington Street and then onto Washington Way. A tire blew out, but the suspect continued before completely losing his tire. The suspect continued at 50 miles an hour or more, crashing into a Jeep before a second accident that ended the chase near 30th and Washington Way, just a few minutes ago. They have not yet released the suspect’s name.