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Mortensen All In For Republic

Posted on 11th June 2018 at 09:14

Cowlitz County Commissioner Arne Mortensen went to social media over the weekend, firing back at charges brought during last Thursday’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee meeting, while also campaigning for the option with Republic Services for operation of the Headquarters Landfill. Mortensen was on Facebook Saturday and Sunday, conversing on the issue. He announced a new “Cowlitz County Landfill Update” blog entry on his web page, where he strongly responds to Eddie Westmoreland with Waste Connections. Mortensen compares Westmoreland’s complaints and charges to Aesop’s “Fox and the Grapes” fable. Mortensen talks poorly about the presentation from Cowlitz County Public Works, and touts the presentation from Republic Services highly. He announced that Republic Services is planning an Open House on the 19th at the Cowlitz County Expo Center, and he also says that he’s pushing for a mid-July vote on the issue. Mortensen finishes by saying that “The consequences of not going forward with Republic are significant…no, dire.”

Mortensen was also active on Facebook over the weekend, defending his position on Republic’s superiority in regard to the Headquarters Landfill. Mortensen contends that Republic has the resources to properly manage and operate the facility, in an arrangement that is financially beneficial to all of the citizens in Cowlitz County. He answered questions about the selection of Republic, and did a lot of cheerleading for the company. Mortensen says that all of the offers were very close in terms of financials, but he says “it was community involvement and a history of happy relationships that made Republic a clear choice for this stage.” He also emphasizes that this is a “preliminary framework,” and that more minute details would be worked out when the actual contract is negotiated.