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Murder Trial Starts

Posted on 30th January 2014 at 17:10

The trial of a man accused of shooting and killing his uncle back in 2012 is scheduled to get under way today. The Daily News says that Scott Wesley Humphreys, 49, of Longview is charged with second-degree murder in the death of David “Lonny” Peterson, 62, on December 21st of 2012. The shooting took place at an apartment complex in the 4500 block of Ocean Beach Highway, where both men had separate units. The incident took place in the doorway of Peterson’s apartment, and there are some conflicting accounts about why the shooting took place. A police report says that a neighbor heard the men arguing, followed by a shot. The neighbor ran in and found Peterson on the floor, and then Humphreys asked for a light. Authorities say that Humphreys was sitting in a chair, smoking when they arrived. Peterson was able to communicate, reportedly telling officers that Humphreys had asked hold his gun, and then he put in the magazine and shot him in the abdomen. It’s also reported that Humphreys was acting erratically in the days leading up to the shooting. It’s also possible that Humphreys could raise a case a self-defense, claiming that Peterson was coming at him. Then there’s the twist of the “Mayan Apocalypse,” with Humphreys growing more concerned that the world was going to end on the day of the shooting. Prosecutors also say he had threatened others in the apartment complex. Testimony is expected to being today.