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Nevada Drive Trestle Issue

Posted on 14th July 2017 at 09:02

It looks like that “further notice” has been issued, as we are now learning that the removal of that damaged trestle over Nevada Drive is complete, and the road is open to traffic. Cowlitz County Public Works reports that Patriot Rail was able to get the damaged trestle removed quickly, and the road re-opened at about 6 pm last night. Toe road closed yesterday morning at about 6:30, when a concrete pumping truck tried to make that turn off of West Side Highway, hitting and displacing the train trestle. As a safety precaution, Nevada Drive was closed; after making a determination that the trestle could not be safely put back into place, they decided that the bridge would need to be removed. Patriot Rail was able to get that work completed by the early evening, and Nevada Driver re-opened to traffic at around 6 pm. The investigation into the collision is continuing, and we don’t know yet if the concrete company will face any sanctions as a result.