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Posted on 25th June 2013 at 15:56

The Spencer’s HeartStrong Foundation is continuing its work, kicking off a new program called Cowlitz County Heart Smart. Working with LifeWorks and the Family House Academy, Spencer’s HeartStrong Foundation is now working to place one new Automated External Defibrillator each month at locations all around the county. Yesterday, a brand-new AED was placed with the Longview Youth Soccer Club. Along with the new defibrillator, they’re also going to provide training for personnel at each organization, to insure that they’re able to use the devices properly. Richard Best with Spencer’s HeartStrong Foundation says that they have a goal of placing one new AED each month for 12 months, and hopefully longer, if they are successful. Best says that the program is open to any community organization in Cowlitz County; if you’re interested in applying, e-mail Richard Best by going to