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New School

Posted on 24th May 2013 at 16:41

Following last night’s Longview City Council approval of a special use permit, Abby Hyde now has the green light to build a new vocational school in some empty store space in the 1200 block of Commerce Avenue. Longview Community Development Director John Brickey says that the Franklin Education Center will offer several certification courses…voccenter…Along with the training for certified nursing assistants, construction contractors and day care providers. Brickey says that three other businesses will also share space in the building at 1209 Commerce Avenue. Credit Medic will offer credit counseling services, Awards Galore and More will sell trophies and awards, and Action Call Center will provide an answering service and call center. Brickey says that the vocational school requires a special use permit under the most recently adopted Downtown Commerce Plan, while the other three businesses are permitted uses. He also says that they expect class sizes to be small, so there’s plenty of parking available, and the facility will not be a detriment to other businesses in the area. There’s no word yet on when the Franklin Education Center would be planning to open its doors.